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Will Google Instant Change Search Marketing?

by Rich Fraiser on October 14, 2010

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The internet has been buzzing about Google Instant since its launch in early September 2010. If you haven’t tried it out yet, basically Google Instant delivers search results as you type. This is a dramatic change to the way people use the world’s most popular search engine and we’re convinced that Google Instant will change search marketing.

Matt Cutts, an employee of Google and popular blogger, stated on his blog that most search results are returned in milliseconds, but it takes several seconds for the user to type a query. In other words, “the limiting factor on a typical search is you.” Google Instant is a way to help you formulate queries more quickly.

This most dramatically effects searches based on your location. Using your IP address Google Instant will suggest results based on your location. For users in Texas that type “beaches in” will see results customized to their geographic location, as seen in the screenshot below.


For in users in California the same search query will provide suggestions like Santa Cruz and San Francisco.


Two things have been accomplished due to Google Instant. First, the user is instantly educated on topics that are relevant to the query they have typed. So even before the user has seen the search results they have been given popular search queries that are related to both their keyword and location. Secondly, the user can modify the search based on those suggested topics. This on-the-fly modification of search queries is what makes Google Instant a game changer for search marketing.

People will learn to search differently over time. The grouped trending of search search queries will help guide users toward more informed searches. Using Google Instant and other keyword research tools, website marketing agencies will be able to provide businesses with fully optimized keyword campaigns insuring top organic ranking on Google and other search engines.

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