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The Value of Tumblr to Business Owners

by Rich Fraiser on May 11, 2011

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ZZ25F98538.jpgA few years ago there was a huge rush to grab the most popular Twitter usernames. More recently we witnessed a dash to grab Facebook usernames for both Profiles and Pages. The importance of a username is not only in protecting your business’s brand, but also in creating social accounts on many different social networks, as it will lead to more traffic to your site as well as giving your website a boost in its organic rank.

In a recent blog post from Ted Ives titled “Why you need to look at Tumblr Now” he states why online marketers must make use of Tumblr.

“Although I had vaguely heard of it, someone recently insisted to me that Tumblr is the “next big thing”, so I thought I’d check it out for myself. I was astounded when I checked trends.google.com – look – more people are searching for the term [tumblr] than they are for [wordpress]. When you compare the searches to searches on the term [twitter] it’s somewhere around 1/7 the size – which means – it’s already HUGE in comparison to most social media startups. Searches for the terms [digg] and [stumbleupon] are much lower.”


Online marketers cannot afford to ignore Tumblr for several reasons. Tumblr is:

  1. A great source of traffic that is growing at an exponential rate.
  2. Another place to register your business’s name and brand.
  3. An opportunity to create a free, high quality link back to your website.

All of these reasons assume that you simply create an account and just let it sit there. There is even more to be gained if you were to actually create interesting content and drive new readers to your Tumblr site. At SEO Services we can help you establish your brands identity across many social networks and bring your website to the top of the organic search rankings.

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