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I want OnPage Optimization for my site but I no longer have a web developer and I know nothing about how to do anything more than access the backend of my site. Does OnPage Optimization include you going into my site and making the necessary changes?

We have numerous programmers on staff and would be more than happy to make onpage seo changes to your website (title tags, meta descriptions, 301 re-directs, custom 404 pages, content changes). We will need your websites ftp information to access the code of your website, and we recommend you change your password again when we are finished. We can assist you with any questions you might have for your hosting company to make sure you have access to your own website. If you need to make changes to your website (design changes, addition of a contact form, content creation, new pages) we charge $35 an hour to make the changes.

Do I get a report?

We provide an online portal so customers can check current rankings, and google analytics reports at anytime. We run ranking reports on a daily basis. We also provide a full pdf report each month that will include monthly traffic statistics, conversions, rankings, and a link to all the content we created and the urls of all the links that we have built.

Can I choose my keywords?

Of course. As a rule of thumb we prefer to target 3 key phrases per page. You are more than welcome to choose any keywords you like, and we will track the progress of many more keywords for your website. We are more than happy to assist you in choosing keywords as well.

What if I want to talk to someone about my account?

Every customer will have a dedicated account manager. Customers can also contact the owners of the company at any time. We make ourselves available by phone and e-mail.

What EXACTLY do I get for my money?

We offer two main services, link building and social media management. In terms of link building, we use your budget to create and distribute articles, blog posts, press releases, create and maintain link wheels, blog comments, edu and gov links, create author profile accounts, paid directory submissions, and social bookmarking. We always spend your full budget every month... but the mix of links we build will differ each month, since you do not want to do the same things every month. We did run calculations... and discovered that every linking root domain we build cost approximately $22. So a $1000 budget would produce about 45 linking root domains every month.

How about report? Will you give me Cpanel to access to my keywords ranking?

We provide an online portal so customers can check current rankings, and google analytics reports at anytime. We run ranking reports on a daily basis.

If we do cancel our contract for any reason, what will happen to my website?

All the work we do is permanent, and you own it. If you get to the point where you are completely happy with where you are, you can cut back your budget, or stop service altogether. We have noticed that rankings and traffic will maintain for a very long time, and rankings will only decrease as competitors catch up, or if the search algorithms change.

Will you create specific strategy for my project?

Yes. We use a very large variety of organic link building and social tactics, so depending on the budget we will mix and match our link building so your website will have the strongest link profile possible in the long term, while still producing great results in the short term. It can take months to years to build a great link profile that sets your website as a trusted authority site. Factors such as budget, amount of pages and keywords targeted, and the competitiveness of the niche all play a role in how the strategy is carried out.

How many pages will you be optimizing for this price? ($1500/month for only SEO)

For a $1000 monthly link building budget we can target up to 3 pages. We will always want to target at least 2 pages, because for articles, blog posts, press releases, etc.... we can most often utilize 2 links, one to the homepage, and one to an inner page. Each additional page costs roughly $325 monthly. For $1500 we can target up to 5 pages. It is important to note that for every page we can generally target up to 3 keywords. Singular are plural forms of the words still count as just one word.

Will the optimization program include an analysis of our site’s design, navigation, coding, content and incoming links?

Absolutely.  The first thing we do with new customers is do a complete review of their website and provide an initial site recommendations report.  Every client also has a phone conversation with Brian Greenberg, to go over any changes that might be needed to the site, to discuss the business goals, and to agree on the strategy moving forward.

How will you determine our important keywords?

We use many statistical tools to determine the best keywords to target.  We look at how many times a keyword is searched on a daily and monthly basis in Google and Bing, how much the keyword cost to rank in the top 3 positions in Google pay per click (adwords), how much competition the keyword has (both organically and in ppc), we find what keywords your competitors are targeting for both organic and ppc ads, and what keywords best fit your website.  We do the research and present our clients with a list of great keywords, and then it is up to both the client and us to agree on the best keywords to target.  It is important to note that the keywords we target can change from month to month as we achieve top rankings.

Where do you collect back links from?

As specialists in organic link building, we build links back to your website using a wide variety of tactics.  Please see our Link Building page to view some of the ways we build links.

How many search engines will you automatically submit on my site?

We do not submit sites to search engines.  The search engines will discover your website from the links we build.  Example: We put a link on a website that is already indexed by the search engines (best of the web www.botw.org), and revisited every day.  The search engines will follow the text link to your website and begin to index your website.  Automatic submissions have not been effective since 2003... and you should beware of companies selling automatic search engine submissions as a service.

How about maintenance, after SEO?

After a certain amount of time... many clients find themselves in the top positions for all of their main keywords. At this point rankings are pretty well solidified, and rankings will only decrease as competitors increase seo efforts, or search engine algorithms change. At this point we can either decrease the seo budget, or stop work altogether for a while. This can be a viable strategy if your website is in a non-competitive niche.

Do you use automated submissions?

95% of everything we do is done manually.  We do use some automated services to distribute some of the content we create, like articles.  We use distribution networks like Unique Article Wizard, SEOLinkVine, My Article Network, Article Ranks, Spin Distribute, Content Crooner, and Link Vana.  It is very important to note that we use these services on a very limited basis, as these services (if over utilized) can cause a negative effect to a website.  We have been using distribution networks for a long time, and know exactly how, and how often to utilize them.