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Onpage Optimization

We characterize Seo Optimization as everything having to do with what is optimized ON the actual website of our client.

A sites architecture and navigation are of the utmost importance in ensuring long term success in the search engines. We optimize sites for speed, proper navigation, internal anchor text/linking structure, duplicate content issues, optimize page urls to contain keywords, and solve any indexing problems due to session id’s.

We also build a proper site map that will be automatically submitted to all the major search engines to ensure proper indexing.

Our main goal is your long term success on the search engines… and a huge part of this is how your site is built. Too often, the designers that have built the sites for our clients, did not have the search engines in mind when developing the website. We know all the issues that can hinder a site’s performance in the search engines, and we will give you the information to fix the issues, or we can fix the issues for you.