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E-Commerce SEO

SEO can make or break your e-commerce website. When selling numerous products, each product page needs to be properly indexed by the search engines. If potential customers are looking for a particular product that you sell, and a search for that product does not show up in the search engines… your competitor will end up getting the order.
There are few companies in the world that have more experience with search engine optimization for e-commerce websites than SEO Services.

SEO Services has done optimization for companies that sell well over 100,000 products. This means that every product page is indexed and optimized for the search engines. E-commerce can be a very lucrative business for both small and large companies, but it is also very competitive.

There are many aspects of E-commerce optimization.  There is PPC (pay per click), on-page optimization and coding, social media marketing, brand management, and link building.

E-commerce SEO always starts with proper programming of the code set so each page of the website is optimized for the search engines.

Onpage optimization is particularly important in E-Commerce SEO.  Without proper URL structures (like the use of session ids) your site’s pages won’t even get indexed by the search engines.  We have vast experience in the custom programming of any shopping cart system you might be using and how to correct any optimization issues you might be suffering from.

A properly optimized E-commerce website will rank for every product it sells, including the product sku numbers.Once onpage optimization is done we begin to drive traffic to your website.  Depending on the particular business, we implement the appropriate strategy.

SEO Services is a full service digital marketing company and can coordinate PPC (pay per click), and organic link building campaigns to obtain the highest roi (return of investment) for our clients.

With SEO Services in your corner, your competition won’t know what hit them… especially when they see your company above them in Google :)



SEO Services also specializes in international companies selling products globally in different languages.