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SEO Services is one of the very best in building high quality inbound links to your website. Finding related one way links from respected sites is by far the most important thing you can do to move up the search engine rankings. Since we have been optimizing websites since 2001… we have an extended network of link building contacts we utilize to help our customers gain the very highest quality one way links that the search engine algorithms love. Once a customer of SEO Services, you will be part of an exclusive network of websites that are all leaders in their respective industries on the organic search engines results pages.

While each customer’s situation will be unique… we build a custom link building plan that focuses on building natural one way links to your website, and we will continue to build links and optimize your website until you reach top rankings for your website’s main keywords.

All link building campaigns are custom built and managed on a month to month basis for each customer by Brian Greenberg.

The main goal of each link building campaign is to improve your website’s trust/authority rankings.

At SEO Services we believe the best bet for long term success is a digital marketing strategy that encompasses the full gamut of SEO techniques. Focusing on just one link building strategy might benefit your website in the short run… but Google has a reputation for updating their algorithms every 6 months or so. In the past people have been knocked off the Google rankings in various updates involving meta tags, paid links, keyword stuffing, and Google bombing. The only way to rank on the first page for the long run is to not focus on just one SEO technique… but all of them.

Link Building Tactics

  • Includes both free and paid directory submissions
  • We always purchase the one-time listing fees for paid directories
  • Cost of the paid directory submissions are paid for out of the monthly link building budget
  • Creation of company/author profiles at the highest authority article directories and content networks
  • Manual submissions to over 20 authority content networks
  • We utilize several content distribution networks, but no more than once or twice a year (too much participation on these networks can have a negative effect)
  • Create and submit press releases to free distribution networks throughout the year
  • Press releases to the major distribution networks prweb.com and prnewswire.com
  • We use the seo submission packages so we get the valuable keyword text links back to your website
  • Submission fees are paid for our of the monthly link building budget
  • Setup/create complete personas with images so we can actively participate in online discussions via Disqus and WordPress communities
  • Participation on .edu, .gov, and authority news websites
  • Write relevant blog content and submit them to authority blogs in relevant niches
  • Access to several private link networks
  • The highest level of blog posting
  • High authority relevant websites that allow guest authors
  • High quality content creation using your author profile with links in the bio

We offer three monthly link building package options.

National SEO Pricing - May 2012

Link building is a quality game, not a quantity game. In order to rank above your competition your website will need links from other authority websites. These are called links from good neighborhoods.

We see it all the time… website owners that have tried other link building services that offer huge amounts of links at very low prices. What you get is links from bad neighborhoods that actually end up hurting/penalizing a website. There is a limit to the amount of low quality links you can build to your website before you cross the threshold into the Google OOP (over optimization penalty). What will happen is you will begin to disappear in the search engines for the keyword anchor text you used while purchasing these low quality links. If an offer sounds too good to be true… it probably isn’t.

So how do we do it? We build high quality links to your website. The amount of boost a particular website will give you is called link juice, or link power. But what determines a high quality link?

The website to gain links from are authority sites… sites that are already ranking well for the keywords in their industry. The most popular measuring tool is called Google PageRank which is signified by a green bar that ranks a website on a 1-10 scale. This is an extension that comes with the Google toolbar download.


While many obsess about the Page Rank (PR) rating of a website… it is definitely not the only factor in determining the quality of a link. There are many websites that rank number one for competitive keywords that have a low PR score. With a proper strategy and enough high quality links we can rank a website for just about any keyword by using the proper anchor text. Anchor text is the actual hyperlinked text used to link back to your website.

Above is just an example of what anchor text is. In order to execute an SEO strategy it is important to use a multitude of anchor text variations from a variety of sources. The great thing is that when building high quality links… your website will start to rank for everything you target. This is called the halo effect of link building.

We handle all of this for you. After time your website will be come a leader in your market and be a traffic and revenue magnet for years to come.

Organic SEO by far offers the highest ROI (return of investment) of anything you can do to promote your website… so do it right with a professional company, like us :)

Give us a call or fill out our contact request form to speak to us about managing your SEO link building campaign.