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Local Search Marketing Tips for Businesses

by Rich Fraiser on November 16, 2010

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Search engines scour the world for the best results for its users’ search queries, but that doesn’t mean your business is competing worldwide for customers. Recently Google and other search leaders have been pushing users to more localized search results in an effort to provide the best search experience. If you own a business that focuses on a localized market this is a huge boost to your internet SEO marketing strategy. There are some very specific things you can do to boost your business’s local search marketing efforts.

Own The Local Search
Thanks to Google Suggest and more recently Google Instant, Googlers now see search results that are customized to their IP address. That means as you type, Google will suggest localized results based on your geographic area. For a more in-depth discussion take a look at our blog post, Will Google Instant Change Search Marketing.

Local businesses can now optimize their web marketing strategies to focus on local SEO campaigns. The good news is local SEO campaigns can start as low as $100 per month! By targeting specific cities and other geographically specific regions businesses can drive visitors to their website that are within their area.

Local Social Marketing
While the term “local marketing” and “social marketing” mean different things, they are in many aspects the exact same thing. The very nature of a social initiative is typically a localized interest. Using advanced search tools for Twitter we can track anyone within a specific geographic radius that tweets about a keyword or subject matter. Upon finding those updates we will then follow that user which instantly sends them an email alerting them that someone is following them on Twitter. There is no better way to instantly reach out to someone that is talking about a specific topic without having to pay per connection. Social media marketing is a great local marketing tool for businesses.

Local Pay-Per-Click
While social marketing is a great way to connect with locals without an additional fee, there is a benefit to using pay-per-click search marketing to reach local customers. As mentioned above, Google Suggest now encourages users to customize their searches using local keywords. Because of this, your PPC campaign can be less focused on highly competitive keywords which will reduce the overall cost of advertising on search engines like Google.

Another added benefit of local search marketing for businesses is that PPC advertising can be restricted to a specific geographic location. So, if you want to advertise for competitive keywords you can be sure that searches outside of your region will not see your ad.

If you are confused about all the different marketing strategies you’ll want to watch this video for a detailed discussion on the difference between SEO, PPC, and SMM.

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