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Is Link Building the same as Linkbait?

by Mona Moore on December 14, 2012

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The online advertiser’s link building strategy is something very different to the generation of link bait and it is essential that the difference is clearly understood as a really effective link building strategy can either make or break an online marketing campaign.
Linkbait is, in the simplest of terms, a piece of content which has been deliberately created in order to go viral and attract lots of links. Ordinarily, a piece of linkbait that happens to be really successful comes around once in a blue moon. It is not a sustainable form of creating links and therefore should not be relied upon to the point where it is included as part of the main link building strategy.

Linkbait can sometimes be a dangerous route for the online advertiser to go down because content generated for link bait purposes will not necessarily form the best experience possible for the Internet user. If the user is not happy, your site is never going to get more visitors. Churning out data after data which is then posted every few hours on your company blog and which is all about your company’s triumphs is not a good idea.

Boring posts that you churn out just to make sure that you have something to post every day is a waste of time too. You might have hooked onto the idea of generating top ten lists, with lots of links to useful pages, for example, but the Internet user is savvy and he or she will soon tire of this repeated style of content.

Working out how you are going to get links to your site, or in other words, working out your link building strategy, takes time, thought and lots of monitored testing. Confusing link bait for a link building strategy is often the best way of not meeting the expectations you have set for yourself or have been set by your boss for the site you are managing.

As with any area of online marketing, if you want to get it right you need to give great consideration to your target market, your goals and an analysis of your metrics so that you can select the best route of action available for your site when in the process of securing worthwhile links.

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