“Research suggests that up to 10% of users’ daily information needs involve learning about a broad topic. That’s why today we’re introducing new search results to help users find in-depth articles.” — Google This simple quote in a recent blog post from the search engine giant was a shot across the bow to marketers everywhere. […]


What sets companies like Apple, Pandora and Toms Shoes apart from competitors? It isn’t their website (although each has developed an innovative online presence). It isn’t their customer service (although each company is known to go the extra mile to make and keep a customer). It isn’t even their brand, because ultimately what they offer […]


A long-standing debate in online advertising is whether or not organic campaigns (via SEO) and paid search campaigns (through Google AdWords) when run at the same time actually end up damaging the work that the other does separately or whether they support each other overall in the development of the online marketing presence of a […]


The online advertiser’s link building strategy is something very different to the generation of link bait and it is essential that the difference is clearly understood as a really effective link building strategy can either make or break an online marketing campaign. Linkbait is, in the simplest of terms, a piece of content which has […]


Is Content Marketing Better than Link Building

Three online marketing articles of interest came to light this morning: Is Link Building Becoming Content Marketing? featured on Point Blank SEO Are you Attracting Links or Just Building Them? featured on Daily SEO Tip Why Content Marketing is the New SEO featured on Quick Sprout It seems that everyone is talking about the importance of content marketing, […]


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It sounds silly… but one of the best strategies for choosing the content to create for your website is Google’s Auto-complete feature.  When typing in search queries into Google, wait a second and see what suggestions they make for you. Do you know why they make those suggestions?  It is because those are the most […]

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The 7 techniques for long-term online marketing success are “white hat” and will serve your, or your client’s, website for the long term.  No more 3-way linking or private link networks here. The 7 techniques I will be covering: Sharable Evergreen Content Knowledge Base/Q and A Press Release and Public Relations Conversion Tracking Live Chat […]


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What is the Google Penguin Over Optimization Update? Google has been trying to rid their search engine of low quality websites considered spam since it’s inception.  People have also been trying to manipulate the Google search results for years.  This has produced many low quality sites to rank on the top pages of Google, and hindered the […]


At SEO Services we have helped many businesses achieve top organic ranking on Google and other search engines. After years of successful campaigns we know that the way to get first ranking on Google is not a magic trick, it is a very specific process composed of many optimization steps. Many of these steps are […]


There are a growing number of search engine optimization scams that have tricked business owners into paying thousands of dollars for search engine marketing services that provide no results. Before you pay an SEO company it’s important to know these 5 tips to avoid SEO scams.