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Rich Fraiser is an online marketing expert. When he is not writing blogs for SEO Services he is managing SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns for clients all over the United States.

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Web design trends are shifting rapidly as mobile devices take over as the desired platform used by most consumers for accessing the web. The pull of mobile devices is the size, mobility and the cost effectiveness of the devices. As a result, web designers are scrambling to keep up or stay ahead of the trends. […]


The relationship between smartphone apps and internet presence is synergistic: a well-ranked website will help promote a smartphone app and the existence of an attractive smartphone app will help bring links and traffic to your site. Recent talk of the smartphone placing the web in its rear view mirror depicts the two mediums as if […]


A long-standing debate in online advertising is whether or not organic campaigns (via SEO) and paid search campaigns (through Google AdWords) when run at the same time actually end up damaging the work that the other does separately or whether they support each other overall in the development of the online marketing presence of a […]


Ideas for Keyword Generation

Keyword generation does not have to be random. It does not have to be based on a trial and error approach. Sometimes, the simple creative approach, whereby you begin thinking about what kind of keywords a user is liable to select when conducting a search, can be useful. However, in the long term, a systematic, […]

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Post image for The best free keyword tool generator for a content marketing strategy is right in front of you!

It sounds silly… but one of the best strategies for choosing the content to create for your website is Google’s Auto-complete feature.  When typing in search queries into Google, wait a second and see what suggestions they make for you. Do you know why they make those suggestions?  It is because those are the most […]

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Shared Budgets on Google AdWords

by Rich Fraiser on September 24, 2012

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Last week Google launched a new feature to AdWords which allows advertisers to create one large budget to replace individual campaign budgets. This new feature gives a large amount of control and flexibility for advertisers. Let’s explore how it works in this week’s blog post. The Benefit of Shared Budgets Shared budgets on AdWords is […]


Post image for [VIDEO] How to Find Your Website on Google

In today’s blog post we’ve got an easy tip to help you find your website on Google. This is an easy way to determine if Google has indexed your website and added it to their search results. Keep in mind, this method does not determine what keywords your website is currently ranking for, but it […]


Post image for Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Routine for Social Media Marketing

While social marketing is never a predictable vertical for a business to engage in, you can create a regular routine for daily, weekly, and monthly activities. In today’s blog post we have listed a few critical items to do on a regular basis. This should give you an idea of the amount of work involved […]

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Post image for 9 Types of Social Media Tools & How They Are Used

Social media is not just about blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. There are a wide variety of types of social media and in today’s blog post we review 9 different types of platforms that are enjoyed by millions of users everyday. Blogs This is the central hub of your social media marketing campaign. All of your […]

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Post image for Usernames: Claim Them Before They Are Gone

Whether your company has been around for 50 years or 50 days it is critical to grab those social media usernames before they are gone. They are a limited resource and the last thing you want is for your company to be misrepresented by someone outside your company. Twitter Twitter’s trademark policy is clearly intended […]

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