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95% of Facebook Wall Posts Not Answered by Companies

by Rich Fraiser on October 24, 2011

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Whether your company actively partakes in social media or not, we can guarantee that your company is already being represented in one way or another. In the worst case, perhaps your company already has social accounts setup on the popular social networks, but no one is taking the time to monitor responses and activity happening on those accounts. The truth is that you are not alone and a lack of respect for social media communication is not limited to any specific industry.

In the graph below, which shows the percentage of responses by industry on Facebook, it is obvious that companies have not yet grasped the importance of communication through social media. Studies performed by social media analytics company Socialbakers brought evidence that companies only respond to 5% of all their Wall posts on Facebook.

A few years ago, Facebook Pages had to be created by the actual company before that company would be represented on a social network, but today Facebook is taking a proactive role in creating Facebook Pages based on a company’s address and phone information. Much like an online directory, your business may already have a Page and if no one is monitoring or updating that page, you are misrepresenting the responsiveness of your business.

Step away from the 95% of businesses that don’t take social media seriously and take an active role in your company’s social accounts. At SEO Services we can provide social media management services that will keep your social accounts up-to-date and monitored for activity on a regular basis. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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