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7 Post Penguin/Panda SEO Strategies

by Brian Greenberg on September 28, 2012

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The 7 techniques for long-term online marketing success are “white hat” and will serve your, or your client’s, website for the long term.  No more 3-way linking or private link networks here.

The 7 techniques I will be covering:

  1. Sharable Evergreen Content
  2. Knowledge Base/Q and A
  3. Press Release and Public Relations
  4. Conversion Tracking
  5. Live Chat
  6. Rich Snippet and Author Tags
  7. Building a community and working your list

By following these 7 techniques you will build traffic and conversions, and the most important thing to a website owner… return on investment.

1.  Sharable Evergreen Content.  Evergreen content is content that is educational in nature and will help the user make educated decisions about a topic.  The time of $25 articles is over, my friends… what is needed now knowledge-rich websites, with 100+ content pages and articles that are so good, others will reference and share them.  Those articles are researched and written by professional writers – and they cost a lot more than $25!  BUT, this is what Google wants… and ladies and gentlemen… this is real stuff that will be helpful to your users… and it works.

Action:  Form a Glossary on your website… or call the section [your industry] Info, that defines your industry’s intricacies in great detail.

Keep adding to this every month.  And keep your pages up to date.  I like to try and bring people to my new evergreen pages by posting to the top 5 community forums and industry blogs.

I am going to link to a site that posted some evergreen content on creating evergreen content :) Check it out.



2.  Create a Knowledge Base and a spot for users to submit questions. We used to have our SEO specialists participate on behalf of our clients on other blogs and forums.  We would find conversations in forums and Q and A sites and provide valuable answers to the users of that other site.  One day, I realized that is stupid!  Why would I provide my valuable expertise to questions outside my own website?  I’m trying to build traffic and value to my site… not some other site.  And I have  good chance of ranking for these long tail questions people are answering.


Action:  Type in a main keyword in your industry and look for forums and discussions going on in the internet.  Personally I have our team search Google under Discussions done if the past year.


We find a great question and possibly an answer… and then we use that information to create a similar Q and A on our website.

Put it on your site under a Bnowledge Base or a Q and A section.  Do it (I am telling you this in a low voice… from the new Starsky and Hutch movie).


I’ve been playing with a new wordpress plugin at:


I just wish they would add comments and rich snippets to this plugin.


3. Press Releasees and Public Relations

The focus these days is on brands, my friends.  And what do big brands have?  Public Relations.  Write a great press release and submit it via PRweb.com or prnewswire.com.  No, it is not cheap… Prweb submission will run $200 and prnewswire will run $299.  Expensive… but these are fantastic links that will help your rankings.  And these types of links are super hard to come by these days.

Our company actually hired on a full time Online Public Relations Specialist that pitches our clients to top news publications and industry magazines.  Public Relations for internet marketing will be huge in the future.   Getting your site mentioned in a national publication is the holy grail of links.


Action:  Submit a press release to both prweb and prnewswire.  Don’t link to your site using anchor text!  This is not good anymore.  Link to your site using your URL or company name.  Get those links and see your rankings go up across the board over the next month.

Try to find a Public Relations person that knows digital marketing.  This is tough… but it is the future.


4.  Conversion tracking  for real company quantitative reports

As an internet marketing firm, our primary focus used to be keyword ranking reports and a list of all the links we built.  This has changed significantly… who really cares about how many first page rankings a site has?  Does it make a company money?  No.  What is important is traffic and conversions!

Action:  Instead of ranking reports provide clients and site owners the statistics they should be tracking for business success.

  • How many pages brought in traffic (this should grow month to month)
  • How many different keywords brought in traffic
  • Put conversion tracking on your forms and contact request pages
  • Install call tracking
  • Install e-commerce tracking if you run an e-commerce site
  • Try to provide the customer cost per acquisition of a conversion (your cost/salary /or organic spend divided by conversions)
  • Provide organic value to the traffic that is brought in via organic and referral visits.

Business owners care about revenue and profits… not rankings!  And if they still care about ranking… you need to re-educate them.

Check out the tool I built to get the average cost per click value.  Then use the actual traffic numbers x average cost per click = Organic SEO Value

I pull the compete.com numbers… but I suggest you pull the actual numbers from your analytics to get real numbers.


 5.  Live Chat

If you have the resources ( a person to do it)… install a live chat option on your site.  Think of your website as a store… and think of going into a store with nobody there to help you.   Not having Live Chat is like running  a store with nobody working there.

Action:  Install a live chat program that has the capability to start an initial chat automatically according to specific rules.  I like snap engage.  It integrates into Google analytics so you can track how many people chatted with customer service.

I have a 30% lifetime discount code I can provide to you by request.  Just leave a comment and I will get it to you.


6.  Reviews and Rich Snippets

This is going to be huge.  I personally love reviews and if you are not collecting reviews on your service or products you are missing the boat.  You can include rich snippet/micro data code so the search engines will show the reviews or votes as stars right next to your listing!  This also goes for author pictures and info.

Action:  Start getting reviews!  Get reviews on your site, or transfer your older reviews into those that have actual ratings so you can add rich snippet data.  I developed my own custom wordpress plugin for this that I will provide for free to those that request.  Power Reviews has recently added this functionality.  And start getting reviews on your Google page, Yelp, and any other review site.  And display links to these reviews on your site!

If you are blogging on your site… good for you J but you better have an author name, and be including a link to the authors Google plus page.  If you aren’t, you are missing a huge opportunity.


7.  Building your community and working your list

Google isn’t the only game in town.  If Google hiccups, you don’t want to be out of business… do you?  Start getting other sources of traffic from social media, your blog, and by sending out newsletters to your customers.

Action:  Start blogging at least once a month.  Start building up your Facebook community.  I really like Wildfire for this.  It costs about $115 to run a Standard campaign for 30 days (I recommend the standard so you can export the e-mail addresses out).  If you offer a great prize, like a $250 amazon gift card, you could get over 1000 new followers in 30 days … legit followers.

And start sending newsletters from services like Constant Contact… include links to your latest blog posts and start interacting with your community with polls and contests.

This stuff works and site owners love to see their social media communities grow.


Things have really changed in the SEO industry… and what we can do now to make our clients and our own sites’ money has changed.  Now that the big G has outlawed spamming… the real marketers will prevail.

I’ve given you quite a bit of stuff to do… and some of it requires some implementation.  Try these and let me know your thoughts.  I know some of you are already using many of the above tactics and have seen some great results.  We are using these for our clients and are seeing fantastic results.

Leave a comment below and let me know what has worked for you.  Did I miss something?


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